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About Us


About us

"EnaamLe" is a dedicated website and app operated by Shri Ram Nam Vishwa Bank Samiti, a registered organization based in Haridwar since 2013. Our mission is to spread the practice of Ram Naam Lekhan throughout India, enabling devotees to connect with spirituality and experience its transformative power.

Our Activities:

Ram Naam Lekhan:
We work across India to promote Ram Naam Lekhan, the continuous recitation of Lord Ram's name, as a means to attain spiritual growth and inner peace. We encourage devotees to engage in this devotional practice, which has the potential to deepen their connection with the divine.

Distribution of Ram Naam Lekhan Books:
To facilitate the widespread practice of Ram Naam Lekhan, we distribute Ram Naam Lekhan books across India. These books serve as valuable resources, guiding seekers on their spiritual journey and assisting them in immersing themselves in the divine vibrations of Lord Ram's name.

Collection from Across India:
We collect contributions and donations from individuals across India, which enable us to further our initiatives and reach out to a larger audience. These contributions support our efforts in organizing events, conducting programs, and spreading awareness about the power of Ram Naam Lekhan.

EnaamLe Website and App Features:

The EnaamLe website and app offer a platform for both free and paid digital Naam Jaap (recitation) services. It provides a convenient and accessible medium for individuals to engage in Naam Jaap, regardless of their location or schedule. The features of EnaamLe include:

Free and Paid Digital Naam Jaap: Users can participate in Naam Jaap sessions digitally, at their convenience, and choose between free and premium offerings based on their preferences and requirements.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Prizes: EnaamLe offers the opportunity to win exciting cash prizes, rewards, and awards on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. This adds an element of motivation and encouragement for individuals to engage in regular Naam Jaap practice.

Referral Program: EnaamLe incentivizes users to refer others to the platform, promoting the expansion of our spiritual community. Users can earn rewards and benefits through the referral program, further encouraging them to spread the message of spirituality and the practice of Naam Jaap.

Our Vision and Spiritual Leader:

At Shri Ram Nam Vishwa Bank Samiti, our vision is to connect people from all walks of life to spirituality through the practice of Naam Jaap. We believe that by immersing themselves in the divine vibrations of Lord Ram's name, individuals can experience profound inner transformation and lead a more fulfilling life.

Our spiritual leader, Saint Shri Aatmyogi Devji Maharaj, guides us in our endeavors. His wisdom, teachings, and spiritual insights inspire us to promote the practice of Naam Jaap and enable individuals to embark on their spiritual journey with devotion and reverence.

Join us on the EnaamLe website and app, and unlock the power of Naam Jaap to experience spiritual connection, win rewards, and discover the immense joy and peace that comes from connecting with the divine through the chanting of Lord Ram's holy name.